1. I have archived much of my life through collected objects.
2. I have moved a smaller studio, making it necessary that I get rid of a lot of these objects.
3. I have done so by using them as the raw material for one enormous collage, created inside a 30-yard dumpster.
4. Oh, also, I have photographed around 500 of these objects and will display them here, accompanied by a brief history of each item.


37 x 14.5 x .5 cm
Found this on the street, meant to give it to Duke. Reminds me of him. There's a ship on it; it is a considered and handsome shape; it's a bit fucked up.


  1. Gold! Gold I tell yee!


    1. Recently heard a story about Duke walking around for three days with a live frog in his shirt pocket. My reaction was to be highly entertained by the tale, but not even slightly surprised. Not once did I question it. That says something.