1. I have archived much of my life through collected objects.
2. I have moved a smaller studio, making it necessary that I get rid of a lot of these objects.
3. I have done so by using them as the raw material for one enormous collage, created inside a 30-yard dumpster.
4. Oh, also, I have photographed around 500 of these objects and will display them here, accompanied by a brief history of each item.


9.7 x 12.7 x .8 cm
I went to Hong Kong in 1997. I went there to experience what palpable change feels like, figuring that if there was anywhere that might play host to a tangible anticipation, it would be Hong Kong. 
I don't know if I found that specifically. In fact, I'm not certain that what I discovered won't change as the distance displayed in my rear view mirror elongates.  All I'm saying is that I'm banking on total enlightenment on my death bed. I figure that's fair.
What I do now know-- and always will-- is that he 1996 / 1995 transit system guide book to the city of Hong Kong (given to me by my father) is an example of righteous design. Righteous.

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