1. I have archived much of my life through collected objects.
2. I have moved a smaller studio, making it necessary that I get rid of a lot of these objects.
3. I have done so by using them as the raw material for one enormous collage, created inside a 30-yard dumpster.
4. Oh, also, I have photographed around 500 of these objects and will display them here, accompanied by a brief history of each item.


20.1 x 5.1 x 2.7 cm
I suppose I should consider myself lucky: I have owned my dream car. It was a cornflower blue 1986 Volvo 240. After a couple of years, my mechanic told  me that it was unethical of him to continue taking my money. When donated, fairly certain that it wasn't going to take on any more passengers, I cut out the seat belts. You know, to have.


  1. Now, why would you cut out the seatbelts?

  2. The car was headed to scrap. They just would have just been squished inside part of a cornflower blue cube.

  3. We have a silver 1987 Volvo 240! Still going strong...